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Customer Service

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than our Customer Service Certificate. Whether you are new to the college or looking to build on what you have learnt in STEPS, we’ll show you how to go above and beyond in the art of Customer Service. We will teach you team work and communication skills to exceed customer expectations and deal with any tricky conversations.

Discover what steller service really looks like on our Customer Service course.


Improving Customer Service starts with you!

Course Content and Key Information:

With our tutors by your side, you’ll be a pro at great service and have your customers lining up to come back for more!
Effective communication skills, such as active listening, clear verbal and written communication, and conflict resolution. You will also learn how to prioritise tasks, set meeting deadlines, and managing workload efficiently.
Collaborating and building relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

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