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Welcome to STEPS at Sutton and District Training – our innovative provision designed to support students with additional needs as they transition into adulthood. With a focus on 'Preparation for Adulthood' goals, STEPS offers a nurturing environment where students can develop confidence and essential coping skills for everyday life.

Our STEPS programme is perfectly designed to provide a nurturing and highly supportive environment.

Empower Your Journey: Navigate Life's 'STEPS' with Confidence and Capability!

Course Content and Key Information:

Introducing 'STEPS': Our tailored provision for students with additional needs focuses on 'Preparation for Adulthood' goals, enhancing confidence and coping skills. STEPS is ideal for students who are unsure of what vocational pathway they wish to take. The Diploma in Employability offers personalised modules including travel training and interview preparation. Students benefit from work experience and vocational tasters in fields like hairdressing and gaming. Upon completion, pathways to employment are facilitated with local partners. Our aim is to empower students for success in both work and independent living.

Students are assessed on an individual basis to ensure we can meet all needs.


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