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Welcome to our Multi-Skills Programme! Our Ascentis Diplomas in Skills for Employment in the Construction Industries provide a comprehensive introduction to various occupational areas within the construction industry. Our qualifications equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and excel in their chosen field.

If you enjoy practical learning, Multi-Skills is the perfect qualification for you. Get your hands dirty and learn a trade.

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Helping you build the foundations for a vocational career in a trade.

Course Content and Key Information:

Our Level 1 Diploma offers foundational training in construction work, covering essential areas such as painting & decorating, tiling operations, principles of health & safety, and more. Additionally, learners explore personal work skills and the basics of self-employment, preparing them for success in the industry. For those seeking to deepen their expertise, our Level 2 Diploma delves further into construction work, including carpentry, dry-lining operations, and maintenance of modern buildings. Emphasizing the importance of safe working practices and customer service, our qualifications ensure students develop a holistic skill set essential for thriving in the construction industry.

We offer qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2. The qualification duration spans 1 year. All students will work towards gaining a level higher than they have previously achieved. Students will be invited to undertake an initial assessment to help choose what best suits your requirements.


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